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Ice cube, Non-melting ice

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In summer, When you drink a cool drink, you may use ice to keep cool or to make cold quickly. but When using ices, the first taste does not matter. but at the end of time there is a problem that the taste gradually becomes lighty, "Ice Cube" can solve this problem.


Ice cube, Non-melting ice

Basic Usage

After freezing for 4 hours in the freezer, you can use it in a drink. Because it is a stainless steel product(STS 304), it does not melt and can maintain the taste. Because the inside of the inside contains refrigerant, it can be used safely because it is a harmless substance, even if the material flown out when it was broken or used for a long time.

Once you use it, just wipe it with detergent just like dishwasher and put it back into the freezer.



1. Keep a drink to cool

2. Reuseable semi-permantly

3. No Toxic by STS-304



1. Four pieces of ice per one cup

2. Many time to make cool Lukewarm beverage

3. Spend 4 hours to freezing( Ice can be freezed Severally )

4. It does not take long to stay cool

5. Expensive



The problem of being disgusted to someone

I wanted coolness due to the transparency of the ice. There was a man who saw it as a metal bullion.




The ice cube is not small and the cup is big. By The angle of the photo is strange, it looks too small.




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