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I just compiled google angle library by instruction of below link:


https://github.com/google/angle : angle home in github

https://github.com/google/angle/blob/main/doc/DevSetup.md : compiling instruction


Compiling Infomation

compile time : 2021-12-17

version         : ANGLE 2.1.17547

compiler       : visual studio comunity 2019 / Windows 10 SDK 10.0.19041.0

Compile machine : Window 10(x64), Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU(Laptop)



Before download this file, see [Some Note While compiling]

Here is compiled file, only release version, click below to download

The usage of this library files is in second link above.[last on its page]




Level of OpenGL ES support via backing renderers

borrowed from above git[just time of compiling time]

  Direct3D 9 Direct3D 11 Desktop GL GL ES Vulkan Metal
OpenGL ES 2.0 complete complete complete complete complete complete
OpenGL ES 3.0   complete complete complete complete in progress
OpenGL ES 3.1   incomplete complete complete complete  
OpenGL ES 3.2     in progress in progress in progress  



I Just test OpenGL ES 3.1 using My ComputeShader code, Yes, It works~Ye~.

I am not sure all thing is work.



Some Note While compiling

1. I changed option like below for release version, both of x86 and x64

angle_assert_always_on = false

2. While compiling source code, I encounter error.

(This error is eliminated by using clang, sorry, zip file was updated )

message on file :




unary_function is not in namespace std

This error caused by std::unary_function, This is deprecated in C++11. so, I just remove code like below.


//struct _comparator_exact_tess_coordinate_match : public std::unary_function< float, bool >
struct _comparator_exact_tess_coordinate_match  // <~~~~~~~~~~~~~ changed
		/* Constructor.
		 * @param in_base_coordinate Base tessellation coordinate to compare against.
		_comparator_exact_tess_coordinate_match(const _tess_coordinate_cartesian& in_base_coordinate)
			: base_coordinate(in_base_coordinate)

		/* Tells if the user-provided tessellation coordinate exactly matches the base tessellation
		 * coordinate.
		 * @param value Tessellation coordinate to use for the operation.
		 * @return true if the coordinates are equal, false otherwise.
		bool operator()(const _tess_coordinate_cartesian& value)
			return (value.x == base_coordinate.x) && (value.y == base_coordinate.y);

		_tess_coordinate_cartesian base_coordinate;

I recommend you to compile yourself.


Notes while compiling

1. Where is "Debugging Tools for Window"?





"Debugging Tools for Windows" is in

Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Select the “Windows Software Development Kit” → Change → Change → Check “Debugging Tools For Windows” → Change




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